Monday, May 30, 2016

My experimence

           My experience

Today I made a hacky sack in class. It was lots of fun.This is what we use. 

  • We watch a video about how to make a hacky sack. 
  • 1 cup of rice.
  • A funnel.
  • 6 balloon for 2 people.
  • Rice
  • A spoon

I made a blue hacky sack and I didn't put that much rice in.
It was a mess on the ground was nearly full with rice. 
I felt really amazed when I made the hacky sack

             IT WAS FUN!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Room 3 Fun day Out

On Wednesday Room 3 went to Kai iwi beach.Mr Denman had to go, and pick up his Son. Then Mr Denman put Creo, Rowan, Lucas and Me in Mr Denman car. The rest of the group had to go into Matuwa Tim's car. All of the girls had to go in the vans. When we got there we had to go and play on the adventure playground, people went straight into the little greak. There was a flyingfox there,I went straight onto there it was fun on there. Then Mr Denman told the class that we are alowed in the greak, I didn't go in the greak because I wanted to stay on the flyingfox
Mr Denman blue the whistle for morning tea, we had to go get our morning tea out of our bags. When we finshed our morning tea Mr Denman challage us on a building something at the beach. Creo,Shalden,Kustom and me, we made a campfire then we had to vote other peoples things. After all of that we we went to base and resurve for an hour play ,then the class went back to school.

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Tawhero School Sleepover Term 1 2016

On February Thursday 18th 2016. We had sleepover. The girls had to sleep in Room 6 and 8. The boys had to sleep in Room 3 and 4.
We had afternoon tea and Ms Boyle gaveImage result for tawhero school us free time for 3 hours and choice's. The choice's were swimming, computer sweets and Chromebooks. What Creo and I did first was swimming. Creo and I went to get our togs and ran straight to the pool. 
The pool was full with people. 
It was so hard to jump in the pool because heaps of people jumping in and out, but we still jump in. After when Creo and Me had a swim we went to the computer sweet. The game that Creo and Me was playing was Animal Jam, minecraft, moviestarplanet, and Free Rider hd. After Creo and Me done in the computer sweets we went to chromebooks in class. On the chromebooks Creo and Me were playing Animal Jam. Creo and I did per each hour on the activities. it was really fun for 3 hours was. Then we had dinner, I just had juice and a few cookies. After dinner we had a hunt.
Our group came third the answer was sleep well camper's. After the we had the hunt we had to play for little play before bedtime. After playing it was movie. The movie was  3. Half way through the movie Mr Denman gave us popcorn.
The popcorn was realy yum. I feel a sleep straight after the movie.
I had a good sleep and I was the first person to wake up, then Creo woke.
Mr Denman told us that we were allowed in the computer. I was playing Animal jam, it started to get boring so I minecraft. 
After in the computer sweets was breakfast time.
Then we saw Mr Nelson. We played table bingo and Aeryn won.
Who ever won they got 3 cool fruits.
    I had a fun sleepover.

Monday, April 4, 2016

About me

Hi i'm Xavius.

My favourite colour is the rainbow.                                  

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My favourite show is WWE
Image result for wweMy favourite food is McDonalds Image result for mcdonalds

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My favourite thing is a Macbook air and a Iphone 6

My favourite car is lamborghini and ferrari
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